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Specializing in jewelry design, Jerome Berger is uniquely talented in taking your dreams and ideas and turning them into the perfect piece of jewelry that you will cherish and enjoy. Have a treasured heirloom piece in the family? Bring it in for a cleaning and restoration. Whether it's gold, platinum or silver, Jerome is able to restore your piece for you to enjoy for many more generations.

Many people today want to invest in unique jewelry designs. This is a chance for a person to have a hands-on approach to their rings, necklaces and other accessories. A person can walk in and talk with Jerome who has years of experience designing and working on custom designs and creations.

Custom jewelry design, like engagement rings show loved ones they are appreciated. Wedding proposals are that much more memorable when a person hears their fiancé took the time to design a custom ring. Jerome understands that clients want unique pieces unlike any other. Clients can walk into the store and collaborate with Jerome himself. This is perfect for the man who wants to design his soon-to-be fiancé’s ring but has no experience in this area.

All of the work produced by Jerome Berger is sure to impress. He can work on standard designs or something more modern or contemporary. Jerome understands how to make modifications to existing jewelry to update or modernize it. He pays attention to every detail to make sure that this necklace, ring or other accessory is perfect. Jewelry design is a creative way to ensure that this accessory is 100% original and unique.

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